Wednesday, April 15, 2009

180Squared Introduces Microsoft Mediaroom for Small Telcos

180Squared has introduced "Mediaroom in a box" that prepackages Microsoft Mediaroom for small telcos. Previously, Mediaroom was targeted to large carriers who wanted to integrate it themselves. The 180Squared bundle includes:

  • Services
    o Full Architecture and Deployment Services for Mediaroom
    o B/OSS Integration Service
  • Software
    o 180SQUARED Framework B/OSS Package
     Global Operations Manager
     B/OSS Interfaces and Work Flow Engine
     Basic STB Management
    o Caller ID
    o Remote (Web) PVR
This looks like a useful adjunct to Microsoft's Mediaroom strategy that addresses Check Spellingthe needs of smaller operators. It will be interesting to see how it does compared to software packages built specifically for this market such as Nokia Siemens/Myrio, Minerva, and Dreampark.


Anonymous said...

Troll, Bob works for 180squared

Bob Larribeau said...


To be clear, I do not work for 180 Squared. You can find out more about me at

Bob Larribeau