Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chunghwa Backing Off Microsoft Mediaroom

It has been reported that Chunghwa Telecom of Taiwan plans to shift more than 3,000 users currently trialing Microsoft Mediatoom to the Alcatel-Lucent-developed OMP. Chunghwa originally planned to switch its user base to MSTV in place of OMP but has not yet committed to the decision. Currently there are more than 80 channels available on CHTs OMP system but fewer than 40 channels through Microsoft's Mediaroom.

It has also been reported that Chunghwa has has further reduced the target number of its IPTV subscribers for the end of 2008 from 800,000 to 700,000. In July, Chunghwa lowered the target number from one million to 800,000. The company currently claims about 603,000 subscribers.

It is not clear what backing off of the Microsoft Mediaroom trial means. It could be that this is part of a long term transition plan or it could mean that Chunghwa is backing away from Mediaroom. Time will tell.

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