Thursday, February 5, 2009

IPTV Penetration in France Reaches 35%

The French telecom regulator ARCEP has posted a report (in French) that the penetration of IPTV services has reached 34.6% of the ADSL lines in the country. It stated that there were 5.643 million IPTV subscribers and 16.299 million ADSL subscribers at the end of the third quarter 2008.

The penetration of IPTV in France is one of the highest. Without rigorously checking, I think it is number two after Hong Kong.


Todcasting said...

Do you know where I can get good data on IPTV penetration by player in the US?

Bob Larribeau said...

You can do searches on ATT and Verizon on this blog and get their more recent numbers. After that the IPTV operators are small. You can also go to the Point Topic website, they provide good information by country for free.

If you want to pay, there are a lot of companies with good information including MRG and Ovum.

If you would like to send me more details privately at and I can see if I can help you. I have a lot of information at my fingertips.

Bob Larribeau