Friday, July 6, 2007

Dreampark's IPTV Elder Care

Swedish middleware company Dreampark has implemented an IPTV two way video application that connects 20 people in a senior citizen apartment complex in Southern Sweden with a nearby health clinic.

These 20 trial participants have special set top boxes for and can set up a video call with Nurse the staff on call at the clinic using a standard remote control and a web cam. Patients can see both themselves and the care providers on screen as they speak, and the camera can be zoomed in to give more detailed explanations of a patent's condition. The trail participant connects to the clinic by tuning into a specific channel.

Both the clinic and the trial participants expect that this video link will provide more timely and more efficient care for minor concerns.

This is the kind of application that IPTV service providers need to offer to really differentiate their services. People will pay for this kind of service assuming that it proves of value to the patients and the medical facilities.

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