Friday, July 20, 2007

Singtel Introduces IPTV in Singapore with HD

Singtel in Singapore introduced its mio TV IPTV services based on the Microsoft Mediaroom software. Alcatel-Lucent is providing system integration services in support of Singtel.

Singtel will provide HD content that includes movies and channels from Mega Media, an Asian HD company. VOOM HD Networks will provide HD programming selected from VOOM’s 15 HD channels along with the first local Singapore HD channel - Sling HD. Viewers can view HD content that includes documentaries, travel, music, arts, fashion and lifestyle programs.

In addition to MediaCorp's suite of free-to-air channels (Channels 5, 8, U, Channel Newsasia, Suria and Central), MediaCorp's much anticipated HD5 will also be available on mio TV. This will be the first free-to-air HD channel in Singapore which subscribers with HD-ready displays can enjoy, as all mio TV Set-Top Boxes are HD-ready at no extra cost. Singapore is among the world's first to have a free-to-air HD channel carried on an IPTV platform.

mio TV reportedly will have the largest range of video on demand titles on any Singaporean television platform. It will include movies from major Hollywood movie studios such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Disney.

SingTel's agreement with Sony Pictures Television International brings viewers Sony’s feature films at the same time as the DVD release and before they are seen anywhere else on TV.

mio TV’s a la carte price plans allow customers to pay only for what they want to watch. No longer do customers have to contend with restrictive basic tier subscription packages.

mio TV's video on will allow viewers to choose from up to 25 selected movies for unlimited viewing for only US$8 per month. All mio TV customers will also be able to receive one free on demand ‘movie-of-the month’ - every month.

Click here for a description of the channels that are available in mio TV.

The basic monthly subscription is $US10.50 per month with no charge for the set-top box. Adding DVR capabilities to the set-top box costs an additional $7.00. Click here for complete pricing information.

This is a strong service offering with HD content, video on demand, and HD. At these prices it should prove popular.

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