Monday, January 7, 2008

Microsoft Supporting 1 Million Set-top Boxes

Microsoft announced at CES this week that more that 1 million set-top boxes are now supported by its Mediaroom IPTV service. I stated that 20 service providers in 18 countries worldwide are using Mediaroom. It stated that the following service provider numbers:
  • ATT had 126 thousand IPTV subscribers as of October 2007
  • BT Vision has 100 thousand IPTV subscribers
  • Deutsche Telekcom announced its 100 thousandth IPTV subscriber in December 2007
Microsoft stated that it is adding a new subscriber every two minutes and expects that Mediaroom will be supporting 1 million homes at the end of 1Q08.

This is a significant milestone for Microsoft. It does look like Microsoft has gotten over its technical hurdles with Mediaroom. Our report Opportunities in IPTV found that Microsoft is likely to become the leading Telco IPTV software supplier over the next few years. Microsoft appears to be following the track that we forecast for it.

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