Monday, June 23, 2008

FastWeb and Telecom Italia to Cooperate on Fiber

Telecom Italia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to share fiber infrastructure in Italy and to cooperate as follows:
  • Joint planning of the civil infrastructure for fiber networks
  • The reciprocal exchange of rights to use civil infrastructure
  • Joint study and testing of new techniques in civil infrastructure such as latest generation micro-tubing for laying fiber
As part of this MOU the two companies settled a number legal and regulatory issues between the two companies, including:
  • Fastweb's claim against Telecom Italia's alleged unfair practices in the business customer segment
  • Disputes relating to Fastweb's fixed line tariffs and to those applied by Telecom Italia on the mobile network
  • Telecom Italia's contesting Fastweb's adjudication of the tender to supply telephone services to public governments in Italy
  • Reconciliation of a number of account items under dispute between the two companies
This agreement shows a path forward that may be followed in other companies with strong telecom competitors. FTTH is a very expensive proposition and both incumbents and competitors will be well served by cooperating in the deployment of fiber infrastructure.

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