Thursday, June 19, 2008

Verizon to offer 50 Mbps FTTH

Verizon will offer a FiOS FTTH service with 50 Mbps downstream speeds and 20 Mbps upstream speeds across its entire FiOS footprint. This service will be available for $89.95 per month in New York and Virginia and for $139.95 elsewhere. It also offers a service with 20 Mbps in both directions for $64.99 in all markets.

Verizon is raising the broadband performance bar. The cable companies will have to respond with similar DOCSIS 3.0 offerings to remain competitive. This also shows the advantage of Verizon's FTTH strategy compared to AT&T's VDSL strategy. ATT offers a maximum of 6 Mbps today which will increase to 10 Mbps later in 2008 when it introduces its channel bonded service.

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