Monday, November 3, 2008

ORCA and BCC to Wholesale IPTV in in Russia

Orca Interactive has partnered with BCC, a system integrator to deliver a wholesale IPTV service across Russia. North-West Telecom, Sibir Telecom, and Southern Telecommunications are incumbent carriers that will market this service to smaller local companies.

I spoke to Orca about this announcement. Orca said that BCC will deliver broadcast content over fiber to the local carriers that sign up to this service. Orca said that broadband penetration is growing across Russia but is still at a relatively low level. This wholesale approach will lower the cost of introducing an IPTV service by providing a shared headend service. This will improve the business case for IPTV in Russia, where the rate of growth is likely to be low compared to Western Europe and North America.

Orca is smart to emphasize less developed markets such as Russia. Less developed countries such as Russia, the Middle East, and Latin America are likely to present the best new IPTV opportunities.

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