Thursday, November 13, 2008

Portugal Telecom Adds 95K TV Subscribers in 3Q08

Portugal Telecom add 95,000 IPTV and satellite customers in 3Q08, leaving it with a total of 211,000 at the end of the quarter. It stated that its TV offer is reducing churn and attracting new voice and data customers as around 60% of IPTV net adds are new customers.

In June 2008, Portugal Telecom included Disney Channel in its basic offer. It broadcasted the first free-to-air program HD to all Meo customers, including the Euro 2008 football championship as well as the Olympic Games in HD. In September, Meo started broadcasting the channels of five leading European football clubs (Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter, Manchester United and Real Madrid). In addition, it entered into an exclusive agreement with a leading Portuguese football club, Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Meo provides more than 110 TV channels and over 1,500 VOD titles. The VOD offer, which include blockbusters from five has been used by about 40 percent of its Meo subscribers, who have consumed an average of 2.8 movies per month.

Meo TV is a real success for Portugal Telecom. It added significantly more Meo customers than broadband customers. Meo is clearly helping Portugal Telecom to increase its over all market share.

The company has not stated how many of its customers are IPTV customers. One of the readers of this blog posted that about 1/3 of its customers are satellite customers. This would give it about 140,000 IPTV customers.

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