Friday, February 20, 2009

Portugal Telecom Adds 101K TV Subscribers in 4Q08

Portugal Telecom added 101,000 Meo TV subscribers in 4Q08, ending the year with a total of 312,000. This includes both IPTV and satellite customers. Its Meo services offers 110 channels and 1,500 video on demand assets. The company stated that 45 percent of its IPTV customers have used video on demand are buying an average of 2.8 movies per month.

Portugal Telecom has included content from its Internet portal on the Meo TV platform, including news and geo-referenced information, such as traffic, weather and pharmacies onscreen The Meo set-top boxes are all HD ready, using MPEG4.

Portugal Telecom's TV success continues. It again added far more TV subscribers than broadband subscribers.

The company did not state how many IPTV subscribers it has. One of our readers said that IPTV accounts for about 2/3 of the total. This would give a bit more than 200,000 IPTV subscribers.

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