Friday, October 26, 2007

Korea Telecom Has 148 K IPTV Subscribers

Korea Telecom announced that it had 148,353 IPTV subscribers to its MegaTV service at the end of September 2007. This is up from 55,254 subscribers at the end of June. It is forecasting that it will have 300 thousand subscribers by the end of 2007.

Korea Telecom stated that its MegaTV subscribers are highly satisfied with both content and quality. It plans to strengthen its children and educational content. Its service is using set-top boxes from Samsung, Humax, and Dasan Networks for this service.

This is good progress; however I am still confused about the regulatory situation in Korea. The last I heard, the regulatory issues there are still a long way from being settled. If there is anybody reading this that has first hand knowledge of this, I would appreciate a comment telling us all what is going on.

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