Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Arcor/Vodafone Introduces IPTV in Germany

Germany's Arcor has commenced the wide-scale market introduction of its IPTV package. Arcor is a Vodafone subsidiary. Arcor-Digital TV is now available in 51 cities and towns.

The ADSL-based service includes more than 50 TV channels in the basic package along with more than 60 pay channels.

The basic package is available for EUR 9.95 per month. Premium bouquets with sport, entertainment and foreign channels can be subscribed to for an extra fee of between EUR 5.95 and EUR 22.95 per month.

There is also on demand library of more than 500 films, series, documentaries, music concerts, children’s programmes and erotic films available from EUR 1.49 per title. Also included is an electronic programme guide. The service provides a time-shift restart function which allows viewers to restart a program from the beginning. The function is currently offered by Yavido Clips, BBC World and Bloomberg TV, with further broadcasters expected to follow.

The IPTV compatible set-top-box, which connects the television set with the ADSL line, costs EUR 49.95 plus EUR 9.95 postage. An additional one-off set-up fee of EUR 49.95 is also required.

Arcor-Digital TV is marketed as a triple play offering in connection with Internet access and a telephone line. An ADSL connection with a data rate of at least 6 Mbit/s is a prerequisite. The Internet and telephone package with this capacity currently costs EUR 34.95 per month including flat rates for telephony and Internet.

The IPTV service was first introduced in May as a test run in Kassel near Frankfurt.

IPTV is becoming a required element of a broadband service in Germany, as it as become in France.

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