Friday, June 20, 2008

Amino Introduces HD Digital Set-top Box

Amino introduce an HD set-top box that included only digital interfaces such as HDMI for the U.S. Amino believes that nearly all flat panel TVs in the U.S. have HDMI interfaces. The AmiNET 130 does not have analog interfaces such as coax or S-Video interfaces.

This set-top box is very small and could be hidden behind the TV using string to tie it up or with a velco strip to attach it. Amino state that its small size is generating interest from consumer electronics companies interested in integrating IPTV into their TVs and other video products.

This was just about the only interesting IPTV hardware product that I saw at NXTcomm. The small size of this box should prove to be very attractive to a lot of customers.


Anonymous said...

You mean S-Video not SVHS ;-)

Bob Larribeau said...


I fixed it.