Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Microsoft adds Mediaroom Partners

Microsoft announced that it added three new system integration partners, HP, Tech Mahindra, and 180Squared. These companies are in addition to Alcatel-Lucent, which is Microsoft's only end-to-end system integrator as well as its only reseller.

Microsoft also stated that Mediaroom is not supporting more than 2 million TV sets worldwide.

This is interesting because it may indicate some weakening of the Microsoft/Alcatel-Lucent arrangement. Alcatel-Lucent offers two middleware software systems as well as Mediaroom. Whether or not this is true, Microsoft's service provider customers can benefit from the incremental skills that these three new partners bring. HP has a strong server hardware base. Tech Mahindra has strong back office skills, and 180Squared provides applications and the ability to support smaller deployments.

The 2 million TV sets does not mean 2 million subscribers. AT&T in the U.S. provides multiple set-top boxes per home. In any case, Microsoft is experiencing strong growth in homes served.

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