Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ATT Q1 Report

ATT reported that it had 13 thousand U-verse IPTV subscribers at the end of March. This was a increase of 10 thousand in the first quarter of 2007. Given its announcement of 18 thousand U-verse customers on April 18, the increase of 5 thousand subscribers since the beginning of April is consistent with its statement that it is currently adding 2 thousand subscribers a week.

ATT stated that it had 1.7 million ATT Dish Network satellite subscribers at the end of March, and increase of 1.1 million subscribers in the previous 12 months. Surprisingly, its Homezone hybrid satellite/broadband service had only 6 thousand subscribers.

ATT's performance on its ATT Dish Network bodes well for U-verse. It shows that ATT's bundling strategies can be quite effective in attracting TV viewers.

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