Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Telia Offers Free IPTV in Sweden

Telia, the incumbent telco in Sweden, now offers the basic channel package and the set-top box for its Digital-tv IPTV service for starting in February. This basic channel package includes 26 channels. Premium packages with 10 to 14 additional channels each are available for 169 kr (US$24) to 239 kr (US$34). Video on demand is also available.

We have heard that this offer has been quite successful and that Telia has been adding 10 thousand new IPTV subscribers per week since it introduced this service. This would bring its subscriber base somewhere around 150 thousand IPTV subscribers.

It is hard to turn down something that is free!


WhyCampaign said...

It's sad that a blog as wonderfully informative as yours should be lost in relative obscurity. I'll spread the word!!!

Ohad said...

Bob, what are your thoughts on the " free basic package" business model? It sure is a nice strategy to add new subs but could IPTV providers rely on it?
I guess that when it comes to HDTV and interactive services, the infrastructure upgrade must lead to price ramp ups.


Ohad said...


I couldn't agree more with whycampaign. This blog is by far the best source out there for the IPTV market.
I also started to introduce it around...

Bob Larribeau said...

Thanks to Ohad and whycampaign for their nice words. I do want to say that I fight the temptation to delve in obscurity. As you can see from the IPTV newsfeed in the right column, the noise level is very high.

While what Telia does in Sweden may seem insignificant, I was interested because there has been no news out of them for the two years since introduced its IPTV service. I spoke to a vendor in Sweden the other day who gave me this tidbit, so I shared it with you.

The second reason that I found it interesting was that Telia's offer to include a basic set of broadcast channels in a broadband subscription has been quite successful.

MRG published a report that I wrote about a year ago titled Winning IPTV Content Strategies. One of my conclusions was that bundling a basic IPTV service in the broadband service like Telia in Sweden, Free in France, and PCCW in Hong Kong is a key success strategy in many countries.

I think this is especially true outside of North America. Here on this continent almost everybody pays at least $40 per month for TV service, so there is little resistance to this kind of priceing.

Outside of North America, most people are not paying for TV. They have been happy with free broadcast TV and do not see any reason to start paying.

I was pleased to see my conclusion come to fruit.

Anonymous said...

Customers here in Sweden are very pleased with the solution that Telia provides, I myself is now waiting for the package to arrive so I can test this for myself.

Since I have basic knowledge of how this works, I am surprised to find that it is very difficult to learn more about the technology. Little is written on various website how this actually works.

Having a IPTV box connected to my TV is a nobrainer, thats just another set of electronics. Why is there no software (or why have I not found it?) to tune in on the broadcast on my computer?

Since I am a technology freak, I have had movies streamed from my computer to my projector/TV for about 3 years. The easiest way for me to get an PVR would be to have a small program on my computer that could decode the stream to a avi file, for later usage. Anybody know of such a product? Why isn't anybody talking about these products? Or am I a poor researcher on the net?

Please, do you have first hand information you want to share, send me an email:

Bob Larribeau said...


TelcoTV uses a broadband connection to deliver programming to your TV via a set-top box.

Typically you will have a gateway that terminates your broadband service and provides the switching for your home network.

You will then have an Ethernet (or possibly WiFi) network that connects your set-top box with the gateway.

The set-top box receives its software from Telia and provides the electronic program guide and let's you change and select channels using the remote control

Most TelcoTV services do not provide content to a PC. Free's service in France is an exception that let's people watch TV programming on their TV.

That is a basic introduction. It should be quite easy to use.