Saturday, April 7, 2007

Regulatory Uncertainty Continues in Korea

The telcos in Korea will now be allowed to build IPTV services, but these services have been categorized as "broadcast services". The Korean Telecommunications Associations (KCTA) welcomed the ruling, but telecom companies said that the ruling would actually prevent them from entering the market.

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The regulatory status of IPTV has been muddled for some time. It appears that this ruling will not help the situation. Maybe I need to go and reduce my IPTV forecast for Korea?


Ohad said...

Korea is the most miseed IPTV market ever, don't you think? with their phenomenal broadband penetration, early adoption and the demand for interactive services and games, this could have been the most advanced IPTV market in the world.
Is the government that afraid of telcos getting too much power, so it would prevent any progress towards a true on-demand interactive TV environment???
are the cables and DBS over there so weak ?

Bob Larribeau said...

Regulation has been a big issue holding IPTV back in Asia. This is true in Japan and to a lesser degree in China as well as Korea.

These countries are trying to protect their cable industries from the much larger telcos. These restrictions are breaking down, but, it appears, slowly.