Saturday, December 13, 2008

ITU Issues Home Networking Standard

The ITU has issued the first the first standard for in-home networks capable of delivering room-to-room HDTV. The standard operates over power, coaxial, phone and other home network wiring. The ITU says that it will give up to 20 times the throughput of existing wireless technologies and three times that of existing wired technologies. products could be on the market as early as 2010.

The ITU will work with the HomeGrid Forum, which has been formed to support the standards efforts.

Recommendation ITU-T G.9960 focuses on the physical or PHY layer, giving the data bit rate and quality of service necessary for triple-play residential services as well as business-type services delivered over xDSL, PON, or other access technology. In step with ITU guidelines on new standards development, several power saving modes have been incorporated. Ongoing work is focused on the media access control (MAC) layer.

Home networking is clearly a key issue for IPTV services. The ITU is entering a field that is already occupied by MoCA and HPNA. The ITU brings considerable weight as the premier global telecom standards organization.


Anonymous said...

> The ITU is entering a field
> that is already occupied by
> MoCA and HPNA.

Members of HPNA, MoCA and the 3 existing non-interoperable powerline specifications (UPA, HD-PLC and HomePlug) have participated in the development of ITU-T, so you can expect to see soon those companies shipping products compatible with and some of those legacy technologies.

Bob Larribeau said...

Thanks for the update. One question I wonder about is how will position against MoCa and HPNA. Will all three prosper over the long term or will predominate?

Bob Larribeau