Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BBC to Launch HD

The BBC in the UK plans to launch HD on as many platforms as possible in 2008. It is currently offering HD over satellite and is getting a strong positive reception. It believes that 80 percent of the homes in the UK will have HD sets by the end of the decade.

This move to HD will put significant pressure on the new BT Vision service. BT's broadband network does not provide enough speed to support HD today. The availability of HD on satellite and cable is likely to increase the acceptance of these services.

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devonseaglass said...

BT's service uses a mixture of DTT broadcast TV and VOD over DSL. If there are some HD services available over DTT the BT service will presumably offer them via a new STB. However its VOD service needs a minimum 2Mbps for SD and a lot more for HD over the DSL network. Anyone living more than a couple of km from the C.O will struggle currently to even get SD over broadband.