Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Belgacom Adds 9.8K IPTV Subscribers

Belgacom added 9,826 IPTV subscribers in 1Q07 bringing its total to 149,491. The net adds in 1Q07 was nearly identical to its 9.6 adds in 1Q06 on top of a base of 33 thousand IPTV subscribers. It stated that the churn from its Try&Buy program affected its 1Q07 IPTV numbers. This program lasted from April 2006 through the end of January 2007.

Belgacom's IPTV revenue was 8 million euros in the 1Q07 compared to 2 million euros in 1Q06. The increase was due to the much larger number of subscribers as well as higher ARPUs. Its ARPU in 1Q07 was 13.40 euros compared to 11.90 euros in 1Q06.

Belgacom expects to add 100 thousand new IPTV subscribers in the full year 2007, which is the same as its 2006 results. It expects that its IPTV ARPU will be 15 euros in 2007.

Belgacom is making good progress and should be able to achieve its goal of 100 thousand new IPTV subscribers in 2007.

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