Thursday, May 17, 2007

Telefonica Adds 36K IPTV Subscribers

Telefonica ended 1Q07 with 418,618 IPTV subscribers in Spain, an increase of 35,591 subscribers during the quarter. It added 168 thousand subscribers in the previous 12 months. Telefonica stated that it had a 44 percent share of the net pay TV adds in Spain during the quarter.

Telefonica's O2 operation ended 1Q07 with 26 thousand IPTV subscribers in the Czech republic. This service started in the third quarter of 2006. O2 added 10 thousand subscribers in the first quarter.

Telefonica is continuing to make good progress. It has fallen behind the France Telecom's pace, but it should end 2007 with 550 thousand to 600 thousand subscribers.

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