Wednesday, September 24, 2008

France Telecom in WDM PON Trial

Light Reading published an article describing a presentation by France Telecom at ECOC about its participation in the Sardana WDM PON trial. The Sardana group is currently testing WDM PON technology in Tellabs facilities in Espoo, Finland, and plans to conduct a trial in the town of Lannion in France in 2010.

France Telecom is concerned that new services will exceed the capapcity of the GPON technology that it is currently deploying. It plans to offer 3D TV services to mobile users by the end of 2008 and to flat screen TV users by 2011. France Telecom expects that 3D TV to a flat screen TVs will require between 50 Mbps and 90 Mbps.

WDM PON, 10G PON, and Hybrid PON will provide important new capabilities to fiber access networks and cause many more carriers to adopt FTTH strategies. The comments about 3D TV are interesting. I saw an NHK 3D HD demo at NAB, and it was quite compelling.

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