Thursday, March 15, 2007

IPTV Confidence Building

Accenture has released its third survey on IPTV. This one shows strong confidence in the outlook for IPTV revenues in telecom executives is almost evenly strong in every geographic area of the world. A summary is provided in this post but the report is well worth reading and can be found at

The survey found advertising and subscription fees will be the most important sources of IPTV revenue. It also found that the most important business benefit of IPTV is establishing new revenue streams followed by acquiring new customers and increasing the take up of broadband services. The survey found that the most important obstacle to IPTV adoption is video quality issues today and increased competition from cable and satellite services in the future.

This is a very interesting survey that is well worth reading. If you have not read the previous two, you should download them and read them as well.

What was surprising was the importance put on advanced advertising strategies, none of which have appeared as a part of an IPTV service as yet. The short term concern about quality shows the immaturity of these services. Competition will become the major issue before long.

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Ohad said...

advertisement in general and targeted / personalized ads specifically really look like the best way SPs can increase revenue stream.
I guess this is why BBND is such a hot IPO, on top of all their switched digital and CMTS activity.

TERN claim they are still the undisputed leader in the ad insertion field. During Q4,MOT resold several millions $ worth of TERN's DM6400 to a large telco operator in the US. Perhaps this is where telcos will be the early adopters as oppose to the MSOs that are taking their time.
It would be very interesting to hear what TERN will have to say nect week about follow-on orders from MOT.