Friday, September 28, 2007

France Telecom Creates 3 Screen Sports Channel

France Telecom has created the Orange Sports TV channel that it will offer over its Orange TV IPTV service, over the Internet, and over its Orange mobile service. This channel covers all sports and includes news and magazine programs as well as the sports events themselves.

Orange Sports TV is offers broadcast services to the TV, the mobile phone, and to the Internet connected PC. The channel now has over 20 different broadcast programs, all of which are available to the TV and to the Internet connected PC. All but three of these programs are available over the mobile phone. There are also three channels for the mobile phone that are not available on the TV or the PC.

The Orange Sports TV service also provides interactive on demand content to the TV that include videos, news, scores, and highlight videos.

This is an important way for TelcoTV providers to differentiate their services with unique, self produced content. Sports is a huge draw globally, so it is likely that other large carriers will follow France Telecom's example.

PCCW produces its own financial channel in Hong Kong. This was the first instance of a TelcoTV provider producing its own channel.

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