Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Free has 2M TelcoTV Subscribers

Free announced that it had 2.06 million unbundled broadband subscribers at the end of 1H07, which means that it has about 2 million TelcoTV subscribers. Its total broadband base grew by 128 thousand to 2.63 million in 2Q07. This compares to an increase of 220 thousand in 1Q07. Free attributes this decline in net adds in 2H07 due to a general decline in adds across all service provider. However, while France Telecom also experienced a somewhat smaller rate of decline, the other competitive broadband carriers saw some increase.

Free's percentage of unbundled lines grew to 78.4 percent at the end on 1H07 compared to 75.9 percent at the end of 2006. Its average customer spending grew from 34.5 euros at the end of 2006 to 35.0 euros at the end of 1H07.

Free's objective is to have 4 million broadband subscribers by 2010 with 85 percent unbundled.

Free's basic broadband service at 29.99 euros per month includes 144 broadcast channels. It offers another 113 premium channels for additional fees. Free also offers video on demand content for .99 euros per view as well as a subscription video on demand service for 5.99 euros per month that provides unlimited access to 50 films and 100 TV series episodes, which are renewed each week.

Free is continuing to do well. It did experience more of a decline in growth than its competitors in 2H07; however it is likely that it will bounce back.

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