Friday, November 16, 2007

IPTV Legal Status in Korea Approaching Resolution

The National Assembly of Korea is expected to pass a special law before the end of the year that will allow Internet companies to broadcast TV shows using IPTV technology.

The assembly's Broadcasting and Communications Special Committee's subcommittee on bill deliberations reached an agreement on some difficult points in the proposed law. If the IPTV bill is passed at a parliamentary plenary session, Internet service providers like KT and Hanaro Telecom will be allowed to broadcast IPTV programs in real time like terrestrial and cable broadcasters. The committee plans to pass the bill at its meeting on Tuesday before submitting it to the floor the following Friday.

This law should resolve the legal issues that have held IPTV back in Korea for years now. If it is actually resolved by the end of 2007, 2008 will be an excellent year for IPTV in Korea.

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