Monday, November 12, 2007

O2 Ends 3Q07 with 53K IPTV Subscribers

Telefonica's Czech subsidiary O2 ended 3Q07 with 53 thousand IPTV subscribers, a net gain of 16,000 in the quarter. O2 TV recently began broadcasting live O2 Extraliga hockey matches, and expanded the number of films offered in the Videot├ęka, O2’s virtual video rental shop, through deals with Warner Brothers and Disney.This was an increase of 50 thousand subscribers in the last 12 months and 37 thousand since the beginning of the year. O2 also ended 3Q07 with 545 thousand broadband subscribers.

O2 is seeing steady growth in its IPTV service. Its penetration of its broadband based is still low, so its IPTV service should continue to see good growth.

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