Monday, November 12, 2007

Telefonica adds 18K IPTV Subscribers in 3Q07

Telefonica added 18,142 subscribers in 3Q07 giving it a total of 469,067 at the end of the quarter. It stated that it now has 12 percent of the pay TV market in Spain. The number of subscriber's to Telefonica's IPTV service grew by 165 thousand in the previous 12 months and by 86.1 thousand since the beginning of 2007.

Brasil Telefonica started an IPTV service in September and had 8.5 thousand subscribers by the end of the month.

Telefonica has not maintained the pace of 80 thousand new subscribers that it set in 4Q06 in 2007. Its third quarter was quite far from this mark. While there may be some seasonal factors at work, it does looks like Telefonica needs to step up the marketing for its IPTV service to build its momentum back.

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