Monday, April 7, 2008

180Squared Launches

The IPTV start up company 180Squared has officially launched itself. It was formed by Microsoft Mediaroom alumni to support and extend Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV system. Its key technology is a framework that encapsulates Mediaroom and promises to provide a set of higher level interface functions that will remain stable as Mediaroom evolves underneath it. 180Squared states that this framework will allow applications based on Mediaroom to continue to operate without change as new versions of Mediaroom are deployed underneath it.

180Squared stated that its framework will provide interfaces to both OSS/BSS systems and to applications that provide additional features to Mediaroom. The company is using the framework to support its own TV caller ID display feature and its own 911 features as well its own device activation module and billing module. It also uses the framework to support its services business which assists operators deploy Mediaroom based IPTV services.

180Squared has assisted NTELOS with its Mediaroom implementation. NTELOS operates as a rural telco and as a CLEC in Virginia and West Virginia. 180Squared stated that tier 1 Mediaroom customers have also expressed interest in its framework.

Microsoft's Mediaroom has been well accepted by tier 1 operators globally. This will provide a large potential market for 180Squareds products and services. Large operators have shown strong interest in developing and customizing their IPTV software. 180Squared should do well if it can tap into this.

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