Tuesday, April 8, 2008

France Telecom to offer 3 Screen TV

France Telecom will begin offering a premium TV service to its Orange broadband TV, mobile, and PC users in the fourth quarter of 2008. This premium service will provide six channels of movies and TV series with all content to be available on all three screens on demand. It will also provide the ability to download films and programs to portable devices including mobile phones.

Orange will provide access to new films, series and catalogues from Warner Bros.
International Television and HBO, as well as exclusive access to all the new movies from Fidélité
Films, and a large selection of films from the Gaumont catalog.

Orange cinéma séries will be offered as an option on Orange TV, available on broadband Internet or by satellite. Orange broadband TV coverage will be supplemented by satellite access
following a deal signed with GlobeCast, an Orange subsidiary, and Eutelsat, to start. The service will also be available for PC and mobile viewing.

France Telecom's Orange has been a leader in offering 3 screen content. This is the first 3 screen offering that I have seen that goes beyond a novelty or special event offering.

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