Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bigband Introduces Cable/IPTV Ad Insertion System

Bigband has introduced a chassis based ad insertion system that it is targeting at both the cable and Telco IPTV markets. This system can support 25,000 to 30,000 set-top boxes assuming a 50-50 mix of HD and SD for personalized advertising. It can support higher numbers of set-top boxes if larger groupings such as geographic groups are made.

For IPTV it can create additional multicast channels, one for each personalized add that is broadcast. It can also distribute some of the ads using unicast. It is currently running trials of this product with some Telco IPTV providers.

Bigband stated that it will have more announcements about the application of this product to Telco IPTV over the next several months including which middleware software companies will support its system.

This is an interesting announcement. Interactive advertising and interactive content will become increasingly important in differentiating IPTV from its cable and satellite competitors.

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