Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Goofed: SonaeCom Ericsson/Orca Correction

I requested clarification of what SonaeCom is doing with its IPTV middleware and received the following reply:

"Following the RFI process that we had in late April (where Orca also participated) two vendors requested us an onsite trial with no commitment from SonaeCom.

Our RFI process had the goal to evaluate the industry trends and roadmaps from the principal players in the market. We often conduct this RFI processes to understand the competitive advantage or disadvantage of the solutions that we are using independently of future intentions.

One of the vendors that requested us an on site trial was Ericsson."

Ericsson's press release is consistent with SonaeCom's statement above. I read too much into it. I apologize to all concerned for this error. I hope that it has not caused too much difficulty.

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