Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Portugal Telecom at 200K TV Subscribers

Portugal Telecom's Meo TV service now has more than 200 thousand subscribers. Meo customers represent about 30 percent of its ADSL customers and 7 percent of its total access lines. It added more than 84 thousand subscribers since the end of 2Q08.

The Meo IPTV service over ADSL2+ provides a triple-play service mainly in urban areas. Additionally, Portugal Telecom launched in record time a satellite service to provide nationwide coverage. Portugal Telecom is also participating in the digital terrestrial television contest with both free to air and pay TV services. The 200 thousand meo TV subscribribers includes both IPTV and satellite subscribers. The company did not provide a breakdown of the number of IPTV subscribers.

Meo provides 110 TV channels and over 1,500 video on demand titles. Meo also provides features such as digital recording and pause live-TV . Its set-top boxes are all HD capable using MPEG4.

Portugal Telecom is starting to make good progress with its TV strategy. It is not clear how many of these subscribers use IPTV vs. satellite services.

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Anonymous said...

As someone familiar with this market, I can tell you that DTH subscribers represent about a third of all pay-tv subs nationwide (includes MEO's platform as well).