Saturday, September 6, 2008

Changes in UK Consumer Behavor

Oxygen8, a UK new media advertising company, has released market research results that indicate that:
  • Digital media now accounts for almost 50% of daily media consumption and is the preferred medium for receiving marketing messages
  • 41% of consumers chose the Internet as the medium they could not live without
  • Only 62% of TV is now watched in real time
  • 75% of the UK population rarely watch TV adverts when viewing recorded programs
Two thirds of of the advertisers recognise that consumers are less receptive to traditional advertising, 76 per cent feel that Internet advertising is more effective than both TV and print. 83 per cent of the media companies feel that SMS and email is more effective than the traditional channels. 13 per cent of the media companies and 23 per cent of the advertisers believe that traditional media is still more important than digital media.

This research was performed by industry analyst Redshift Research for Oxygen8.

Oxygen8 clearly has an agenda here, but these results appear to be pretty good. The lesson here is that the IPTV companies have to position themselves as new media with interactive advertising rather than old line TV content delivery companies.

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