Thursday, October 16, 2008

ATIS Validates IPTV "CableCard"

ATIS'x IP-Based Separable Security Incubator (ISSI) has proven the viability of an access card broadly compatible with set-top boxes and televisions that enables IPTV providers to ensure the security of high-value content. The VueKey™ is an enhancement of the CableCard® standard to enable IP flows that are network-technology-agnostic. ATIS stated that the time and cost for adaptation will be minimal for vendors creating the components that will deliver IPTV because the card utilizes the existing CableCard design,

Recently held interoperability testing conducted by ISSI members CCAD, Cisco, and Motorola found the VueKey™ solution is a viable approach to meet separable security directives set by the FCC in Docket 97-80. It accomplishes separable security and is harmonized with, and backwards compatible to, the existing unidirectional CableCard standard.

There were important details that were not discussed. It is important that the VueKey be a two-way approach. The original one-way CableCard failed in the market because it did not support important functions such as the interactive program guide or video on demand.

Assuming that ATIS has done this right, this will be a big step toward embedding IPTV set-top boxes into consumer products such as TVs or DVRs.

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