Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Telia Sonera Adds 23K IPTV Subscribers

Telia Sonera added 23,000 IPTV subscribers across all of its operations in 3Q08, giving it a total of 450 thousand at the end of the quarter. The country by country results were:
  • Sweden added no new subscribers in 3Q08 and maintained its total of 320,000 IPTV subscribers.
  • Norway added 2,000 subscribers ending 3Q08 with 10,000 IPTV subscribers.
  • Denmark started an IPTV service and added its first 1,000 subscribers.
  • Lithuania added 13,000 subscribers ending 3Q08 with 48,000 IPTV subscribers.
  • Estonia added 7,000 IPTV subscribers ending the quarter with 71,000.
Telia Sonera continues slow growth with no growth in Sweden. This consistent with the fact that it added 26,000 broadband subscribers during 3Q08 across all of its operations.

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