Friday, August 31, 2007

Deutsche Telekom Cuts Prices

Deutsche Telekom has renamed its IPTV packages and begun a new marketing campaign, based around features such as time-shift TV and content such as soccer, and dropped its triple play (voice, broadband, and TV) entry level price by around 25 percent from the previous €81.26.

Its IPTV customers can now get an entry level service, called Entertain Comfort (formerly T-Home Complete Basic), for €59.95. This includes 70 TV channels, access to additional pay TV channels and on demand content, high-speed DSL access, and unlimited fixed line voice calls within Germany.

The Entertain Comfort Plus (formerly T-Home Complete Plus), includes about 30 more TV channels, two soccer games each weekend, a listings magazine, and free access to the carrier's 8,600 public WLAN access points. It costs €74.95.

The European market is quite price sensitive and Deutsche Telekom's prices are still twice the price that a similar triple play service is offered for in France. In the long run, it may have to include basic TV channels in its broadband data service as is done in France and Sweden.

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