Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SureWest Putting Along

SureWest added 673 IPTV subscribers in 2Q07, most of them on its FTTH network. It now has a total of 21,118 IPTV subscribers. It now has 103 thousand fiber capable homes, up 10 thousand homes in the last 12 months. Its fiber penetration is 24.8%, up from 22.6% in the last year.

SureWest stated that it is now facing competition from cable provider Comcast's cable telephony service. Comcast is offering a triple play bundle that includes voice, video, and data services for $99 per month. Comcast's service only started in June, so SureWest has not felt its full effect as yet.

SureWest offers 310 IPTV channels, including 23 HDTV channels.

SureWest is continuing to progress well. It has establish a strong competitive position against both ATT and Comcast. It should continue to to well in the face of Comcast's new cable telephony service. SureWest may be forced to adjust its prices to meet the new competition, but with the right price its growth should continue.

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