Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Swisscom has 50,000 IPTV Customers

Swisscom announced that it had over 50 thousand Bluewin TV customers signed up and installed at the end of 2Q07. It had 25 thousand customers installed and another 15 thousand signed up but not installed at the middle of May. It cited its IPTV introduction as having a particularly negative effect on its EBITDA.

It looks like Swisscom is adding 20 thousand IPTV subscribers per quarter. This keeps it on the path to achieve the 100 thousand subscribers by the end of year that it previously announced.

I can't help to point out that Swisscom in a small country has been able to get about as many subscribers in 8 months of service that ATT has achieved in its first 12 months of service. Both use the Microsoft Media Room software system. I suppose that a more compact deployment is easier to manage than the expansive deployment that ATT is doing.

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