Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Siemens Developing Fiber IPTV Distribution Network

I had a hallway conversation at its analyst conference in Amsterdam this week, Nokia Siemens told me that it is developing a long reach PON system that will permit the OLTs to be located in the regional headends rather than the central offices serving the subscriber. There will then be an optical connection from the head end to each subscriber, which will eliminate any chance for the congestion that now can occur in Ethernet or IP metro/aggregation networks, especially when the demand for on demand unicast services is high.

This architecture is right in line with the report Networking Strategies for TelcoTV Services that we published a few months back. The conclusion in this report is that IPTV service providers will need to create a non blocking optical network rather than use an Ethernet or IP network to connect the regional headend to the OLTs in the serving central offices.

Few companies are stepping up to this requirement that is a direct result of the increasing amounts of personalization on on demand services that everybody expects to be part of the evolution of IPTV networks. It is good to see that Nokia Siemens is taking this seriously.

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