Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wind Introduces IPTV in Italy

Italliand competitive carrier, Wind Telecommunications the launched an IPTV service that is largely basein on broadcast channels from Sky Italia. This new service is called Infostrada TV. It includes free to air digital terrestrial channels and a package of international channels for a monthly fee of 7 euros. Service activation costs 99 euros and is now at a promotional price of 49.50 euros and a set-top box with a PVR and 100 hours of recording time.

Wind will also offer the premium services Sky Italia with various options starting at 36 euros per month for a combination of basic, cinema, or sport channels and is now being offered with promotionpromotional price of 15 euros until the end of February 2008. Wind joins Telecom Italia (Alice TV) and Fastweb. with IPTV offering in Italy.

This is another example of how IPTV is becoming a basic requirement for broadband services in Europe. Wind appears competitive with Telecom Italia but has to do more work to catch up with FastWeb's well developed service.

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