Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tiscali UK Aims for 200K Subscribers

Tiscali UK intends to have a total of 200 thousand IPTV subscribers by the end of 2008. It hopes to have 50 thousand IPTV subscribers by the end of 2007, which will bring it back up to its previous high water mark. It is currently adding 250 new subscribers per day.

Tiscali UK will begin a major marketing campaign in January 2008. It currently has 2 million broadband subscribers and covers 55 percent of the market.

IPTV is becoming an important component of a broadband strategy in the UK. BT is now offering its BT Vision IPTV service and Orange is about to introduce its own IPTV service in the UK. It is important that Tiscali UK strengthen its IPTV offering to remain competitive.

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