Thursday, January 10, 2008

Accenture Digital Advertising

Accenture has issued Part 3 of its series on The Future of Digital Advertising. It examines the degree that the advertising industry is prepared for the technological changes that are coming with the new digital techniques. The report finds that:
  • The migration to digital technology will challenge the advertising industry in virtually all aspects of what it does — its business models, its culture, its customer relationships, and even how it is compensated.
  • The advertising industry is not well prepared for the new technology.
  • Advertising will move to three screen strategies that will encompass the TV, the PC, and the mobile handset.
  • The new technology entrants such as the online search companies may have the most to gain from digital advertising.

This is an interesting set of reports that is well worth reading. All of this uncertainty is clearly creating opportunities for creative approaches and new entrants.

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