Monday, January 7, 2008

BT to support the Xbox 360 as a Set-top Box

BT is the first service provider to support Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console as a set-top box for its BT Vision IPTV service. The BT Vision subscriber will be able to buy the Xbox from BT.

In addition, Xbox users will also be able to download content through the Xbox Live Marketplace, which Microsoft began rolling out beyond the US last month, debuting in the UK via a deal with Warner Bros for movies.

I saw the Xbox 360 demonstrated with Microsoft's Mediaroom software at TelecomNext in June. It looked to me like a nice solution for the gamer with an Xbox who lives alone, but may be too complex for a family.

I asked about how easy it will be for other family members such as spouses or small children that want to watch TV but do not use the Xbox for gaming. My impression was that the gamer in the family could leave the system in a state (in the middle of a game, say) so that others in the home may not be easily to changed to watch a simple TV program.

I think that this is an irritation more than a fundamental flaw. I assume that the spouse will train the gamer on how to leave the Xbox after the first time that this happens.

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