Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free offers Unlimitid Video On Demand in Francw

Free is expanding its Video-on-Demand subscription service available on TV by launching Free Home Video Premium to all Free subscribers eligible for the broadband TV service, for €9.99/month.

This new service gives unlimited access to all of Free's thematic collections, including Cinema, Series, Music, and Children’s Entertainment. It will soon include access to a Manga theme.

Free Home Video Premium also offers a choice of HD content, including films, series and concerts. This HD content includes Pirates of the Caribbean, Die Hard: with a Vengeance, Con Air and others.

With Free Home Video Premium, Free users can also access a music video jukebox available on TV, which allows them to create personalised playlists.

Free is continuing to innovate with its IPTV service. This new subscription video on demand service with its emphasis on HD content raises the bar in France. I expect that Free's competitors will have to respond with similar offerings.

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