Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manitoba Telecom Adopts Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft

Manitoba Telecom (MTS) will switch to Alcatel-Lucent access systems and Microsoft software for its IPTV software system. MTS has over 75 thousand IPTV subscribers for its service that has been in operation for the last five years.

The MTS IPTV system was based originally based on Motorola VDSL access systems that it stopped actively marketing two years ago. MTS is also using Seachange video on demand systems and Widevine content security systems.

MTS plans to deploy the Alcatel-Lucent/Microsoft system on a limited basis in 2008.

It has been clear that MTS would change its strategy since Motorola ceased actively marketing its original VDSL systems two years ago. Its selection of Microsoft is a vote of confidence for Microsoft. MTS clearly understands the issues involved in offering IPTV systems and has decided that Microsoft can meet its needs.

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