Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ATT has 231K IPTV Subscriber

ATT ended 2007 with 231 thousand U-verse IPTV subscribers, up 105 thousand in the quarter. The company entered 2007 with only 3 thousand IPTV subscribers. It had a weekly install rate of 12 thousand before the Christmas holidays.

ATT stated that it expects its weekly install rate to ramp to 40 thousand by the end of 2008 and to have more than 1 million IPTV subscribers by that time.

ATT should be congratulated for its progress in 2007. I for one was skeptical about whether or not it would achieve its stated goals for the year.

ATT's goal of 1 million IPTV subscribers by the end of 2008 would be a repeat of what Verizon achieved in 2007. It they let me know that it is available to me, I will be happy to make it 1,000,001 subscribers in 2008.

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