Friday, February 29, 2008

Belgacom at 305K IPTV Subscribers

Belgacom ended 2007 with 305,319 IPTV subscribers. It added 165,654 subscribers during the year, which more than doubled its subscriber base. It added 55,885 of these subscribers in 4Q07. Its IPTV revenues grew from 15 million euros in 2006 to 43 million euros in 2007.

The ARPU for Belgacom's IPTV service increased from 12.0 euros at the end of 2006 to 16.1 euros at the end of 2007. It stated that this increase in ARPU is the result of the end of its "Try&buy" offer and increased usage of new services.

Belgacom also stated that it invested 109 million euros in 2007 for its Broadway VDSL FTTN project. It invested 91 million euros in 2007 for its TV service.

Belgacom added more new subscribers in 2007 (166 to 128 thousand) than Telefonica, which serves a much larger market in Spain compared to Belgium. Belgacom is doing well against strong cable competition. I expect that this trend will continue through 2008.

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