Thursday, February 28, 2008

Telefonica ends 2007 with 511K IPTV Subscrsibers

Telefonica ended 2007 with 511.1 thousand IPTV subscribers. This is an increase of 42 thousand in 4Q07 and 128.1 thousand over the entire year. Growth in 2007 was significantly smaller than 2006 which saw an increase in the number of IPTV subscribers of 172.4 thousand subscriber.

Telefonica's O2 operation in the Czech Republic ended 2007 with 73.2 thousand IPTV subscribers, an increase of 20.2 thousand in 4Q07 and 58.2 over the entire year. O2 saw increasing subscriber growth in its IPTV service quarter by quarter in 2007.

The growth rate of Telefonica's IPTV service slowed in 2007. It looks like the company will have to put more marketing muscle into its IPTV service to get it back on track.

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